Farewell Ping, We Hardly Knew You

Ping is dead, as of the 30th September and while we could all see it coming, I will still lament it's passing. This is my eulogy:

I'm not a fan of social networking. While I signed up for Facebook to promote some YouTube videos I did a couple of years ago and I signed up for twitter to use Flipboard and replace RSS, I didn't sign up for either of these services to be social.


I signed up for Ping the day it was announced, mainly for one reason, the reason it was created for: to find new music that I might not have heard of otherwise.

I like music, but not being 14, I usually don't listen to music in the top charts. This can make it hard to find new songs or artists. I found that if I followed a couple of friends on Ping that had similar tastes to me, all of their recently purchased music would appear in my feed. Now, when I'm stuck for something new to listen to, new songs are only a click away.

Sure, we all still talk about music and what we're currently listening to, but ping was a convenience and it will be missed, if only by me.