iTunes... Connect!

Publishing a book on the iTunes store requires an 'iTunes Connect' account, Applying for this account is not simple, amongst other things, I am required to have a US tax ID from the IRS. While I'm sure that this is not a major drama for US residents, applying for a US tax ID is a bit of a pain for the rest of us.

After downloading and completing the appropriate paperwork, I decided to apply by phone as this would give me my much needed Employer Identification Number (EIN) right away (applying by post or fax would take anywhere up to a month). Once armed with my EIN I applied for an iTunes Connect account with Apple.

This has now been rejected twice.

After calling the IRS again to confirm my details, I find out that it takes them 2 weeks to update their database and that this is the cause of my rejections from Apple. Well, 2 weeks have now passed and I have once again applied to Apple.

Lets hope the third time's a charm.